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Termite Eradication

Among all the pests that can invade homes and businesses in Australia, termites are arguably the worst and the most destructive. On the north coast, termite control is a common concern but most people don’t have a clear idea how to effectively address the problem.

The species of termites on the north coast differ but their behavioural patterns and degree of damage inflicted are almost the same. At present, the number of homes, businesses and industries in our area being affected by termites is continuing to rise, so is the cost of damages. Concurrently, termite control services are likewise increasing as termite infestations spread in the city. A particularly alarming aspect of termite infestation is that termites can thrive and multiply undetected until they have caused some serious damage. People who have witnessed the extent of destruction caused by a massive termite infestation know the importance of hiring the best termite control company in the industry.

Getting rid of termites can be tricky, that’s why it is highly recommended to engage our services to ensure long lasting results. When you hire a termite control service, you don’t have to worry if you are doing things correctly because we work according to specific standards and use safe yet effective termite control products. We also utilise the most advanced technological termite control and protection equipment for residential and commercial properties on the north coast.

The control of termites is a multi-faceted undertaking which involves accurately identifying the species present, if possible locating the nest and using the appropriate eradication techniques. Because there is no single strategy that is effective against each termite species, our termite control services in employ a combination of different eradication techniques to completely rectify the termite problem.

Once termite control has been successfully accomplished, we can set up a system around the affected area in order to prevent future infestations. This can be either a chemical barrier treatment, a termite monitoring & eradication system or both, depending on the particular situation or client preference.

After the installation of a full termite management system, your property may qualify for a TimberSecure Termite Insurance Policy, giving you $100,000-00 protection