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Termite Inspections

A termite inspection entails an visual examination of the accessible areas of a home for signs of the presence of termites and the potential damages they may have caused. The procedure involves inspecting the entire interior of your home, including any sub-spaces like basements, baseboards and crawlspaces. The exterior of your property including the garden, lawn, nearby trees, wooden fences and structures like sheds and retaining walls should also be covered by the termite inspection.

Termite inspections are normally conducted during real estate transactions and when homeowners suspect a pest infestation problem. On average, a termite inspection takes about 30 to 45 minutes for a comprehensive check of your home. The duration largely depends on the size, construction and living conditions in your property.

After completing a thorough inspection, all the pertinent findings will be reported and explained to you in detail. The technician should be able to inform you about the type of termite present, where they are located, extent of infestation and then advise you about possible damages to structures that may need to be addressed promptly. In most instances, the technician can provide information about the most appropriate treatment options and how to go about them.

For some people, termite inspection may sound like a pretty simple task, but it is actually a complex procedure that cannot be performed by anyone. Only a qualified professional can carry out such an evaluation. Note that termites are not like other common pests because they tend to build their nests and stay in the most inconspicuous parts of the house. Moreover, telltale signs of infestation are not quite obvious to most homeowners. We have highly trained technicians that can conduct precise termite’s inspection.
In the end, whether you are certain that you have termites present or suspect that you have a termite problem, getting a termite inspection is the only way to be certain. Ignoring the presence of termites could turn out as the most costly mistake you can make.

The Australian Standard strongly recommends you have a full termite inspection at least every 12 months. We can address existing infestations and prevent future problems.