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Residential Pest Control

Your home is your largest financial investment and your family are your most precious asset. Are you putting them at risk by ignoring the threats made by pests such as termites, rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders and ants?

At Lighthouse Pest Control we share your concerns about protecting your home and family – and the environment.
As the north coast’s leading environmentally friendly pest control service we are committed to ensuring that uninvited pests are not taking over your home, damaging buildings and destroying foundations.

Every home is thoroughly examined in detail to determine the nature and extent of the pest problem and then we work with you to provide a comprehensive and efficient treatment plan to eradicate the pests.

We work with you to formulate a plan of action that minimises the disruption and impact on your family and then use our effective but low toxic pest control treatments to clear your home of pests.

We treat:

  • Termites
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Ants
  • German and American Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Borers
  • Clothes Moths
  • Bird LiceWe provide a variety of effective pest control solutions to your pest problems, eliminating the infestation, cleaning and then putting measures in place to guarantee the pests don’t come back.

First-class eco friendly pest control for your home and this complete protection means you can relax in the knowledge that your home and family are in our safe hands.

We offer a prompt, courteous and efficient service and guarantee all our work. We are fully insured and have appropriate WorkCover licences & registrations..

We are thoroughly trained in pest control management and can give you expert advice on how to prevent further pest infestations.

Termite Control

Among all the pests that can invade homes and businesses in Australia, termites are arguably the worst and the most destructive. On the north coast, termite control is a common concern but most people don’t have a clear idea how to effectively address the problem.

The species of termites on the north coast differ but their behavioural patterns and degree of damage inflicted are almost the same. At present, the number of homes, businesses and industries in our area being affected by termites is continuing to rise, so is the cost of damages. Concurrently, termite control services are likewise increasing as termite infestations spread in the city. A particularly alarming aspect of termite infestation is that termites can thrive and multiply undetected until they have caused some serious damage. People who have witnessed the extent of destruction caused by a massive termite infestation know the importance of hiring the best termite control company in the industry.

Getting rid of termites can be tricky, that’s why it is highly recommended to engage our services to ensure long lasting results. When you hire a termite control service, you don’t have to worry if you are doing things correctly because we work according to specific standards and use safe yet effective termite control products. We also utilise the most advanced technological termite control and protection equipment for residential and commercial properties on the north coast.

The control of termites is a multi-faceted undertaking which involves accurately identifying the species present, if possible locating the nest and using the appropriate eradication techniques. Because there is no single strategy that is effective against each termite species, our termite control services in employ a combination of different eradication techniques to completely rectify the termite problem. Once termite control has been successfully accomplished, we can set up a system around the affected area in order to prevent future infestations. This can be either a chemical barrier treatment, a termite monitoring & eradication system or both, depending on the particular situation or client preference.

“we had a major termite infestation which required repairs and the drilling of our concrete slab to treat the subsoil, Wayne did a great job with a minimum of disturbance and his follow up calls made us feel confident he was serious about fixing our problem”

B & J , Lennox Head



Rodent Control

For a lot of people in Australia and across the globe, rats have caused serious problems inside a lot of homes. They spread disease, cause severe damage to people’s homes and pose health and sanitary issues. Rat control can prove to be very difficult because it requires an entirely different approach unlike other pests that can be easily controlled by spraying chemical agents around the home. Rats are also highly intelligent and sociable animals that can sense danger and avoid it order to survive. Dealing with a rat infestation can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know the effective techniques of rat control.

In Australia, the three most common types of rodents are the House Mouse, the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat. The house mouse can be distinguished by its pointed nose and large ears. It has a slender body with a hairless tail, while the fine fur that covers the rest of the body ranges in colour from brown to grey. The Norway rat has a blunt nose and small, hairy ears. The fur is coarse and its tail is shorter than its head and body. Norway rats prefer to dig and like to live in close proximity to damp areas. The roof rat has a slender body with big ears and a pointed nose. Its tail is longer than its head and body, and its fine fur can range in colour from brown to grey or black. Roof rats prefer to dwell in shrubs and trees and roofs of houses.

As the weather becomes less favourable, rats tend to move into homes to seek food and shelter. They are mostly nocturnal animals which means they forage for food at night so you will seldom see them during day time. However, you’ll know they are present because of the droppings, burrows, urination stains, gnawing, greasy smear marks and scurrying noises in the roof. Rats generally prefer dark, quiet areas so you will likely find them in the roof void, subfloor, kitchen and living areas, garbage bins, garden.

Rats have short gestation periods and can have multiple live young which are ready to breed almost as soon as they are born. This means if rats gain entry to your home and find it conducive to live in, they can multiply rapidly and before you know it your house is already teeming with them! Rat control methods differ depending on the type of rat present, but the most common include chemicals/poisons, traps, cages and recently, electronic and ultrasonic devices. Many homeowners try to deal with rat infestations on their own. However, in most cases hiring the services of a professional pest control company can save time and money in the long run.

Ant Control

Ants can be a major annoyance if they inhabit your living spaces and they are not easy to control. Ants are the most common pests that invade homes as they continuously seek food and shelter. They can be a real menace if prompt and proper steps are not taken to curtail their growth. All ants live in colonies, which consist of an egg-laying queen, workers and short-lived males. Ants have a wide range of food, from sweet and greasy foods to starchy substances and all kinds of animal/plant materials.

There are two classifications of ants, which means the method of control depends on the type of ant infestation present.

We can formulate the best approach for your ant problem.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches control is a major concern for most home and business owners. In Australia, there are five species of cockroaches including the American, Australian, German, Brown-banded and the Smoky-brown. German cockroaches are by far the most common and are known to be voracious eaters and prolific breeders.

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests so they are rarely seen during daytime. However, cockroach sightings tend to become frequent during daylight hours in areas with severe infestation. Among the common harbourage areas are appliances, cracks, crevices, and virtually any warm, moist spot where food is readily available. Infestation starts when cockroaches manage to sneak in to your property through small openings in its foundation or through doors and windows. They can also be inadvertently brought into your premises as cockroaches are known to hitch a ride in packages, newly delivered furniture and grocery sacks.

Tell tale signs of cockroach infestation include the presence of droppings, unpleasant odour, shell casings and cast-off nymphal skins. Once you notice any of these, you certainly need an effective cockroach control approach because these primitive insects normally come in contact with salmonella, E.coli and other harmful organisms that can cause diarrohea, dysentery, hepatitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and typhoid fever.

Moreover, a lot of asthma sufferers are allergic to the so called ‘cockroach dust’ which is composed of cockroach droppings and body parts. At Lighthouse Pest Control, we guarantee successful cockroaches control through the use of the most potent compounds that are lethal to cockroaches yet safe to both humans and the environment.

Spider Control

Spiders are possibly one of the most feared and disliked creatures in Australia. It’s easy to be dramatic about the reasons for spider control … yet contrary to the common opinion, they are not all dangerous nor are they all unattractive.  However, some varieties of spiders can have a serious impact on your home and family – spider control strategies can help remove these.

Why Bother with Spider Control?
• Some species of spiders, like the Redback spider, pose a definite threat to the lives of family and pets.  If dangerous spiders are found in your living environment around the home, some form spider control should be implemented.
• Even though spider control treatments are by nature short-term, they will break the life cycle of the spiders that are treated, meaning it will take a lot longer for the problem to appear again.
Spider Control Methods

Spider control is always a challenge.  Spiders are a beneficial part of our eco-system and help to keep other insect populations under control, so balance needs to be achieved while attempting to achieve spider control in the target area.

Spider control methods and strategies should also be targeted to the spider’s type:
Spiders can be divided into two main groups:
• Crawling or Hunting spiders; and
• Webbing Spiders
The spider control methods we use to remove dangerous spiders from your house will differ according to the group the spider belongs to.

Flea control

We are ideal hosts for fleas and even our pets are also often affected. Adult fleas need blood and will feed on us and our pets. In warmer weather they can multiply at an astonishing rate and therefore it is important to put in place an effective flea control program to break the cycle.
Fleas can
Bite and cause skin irritation and localized swelling. The swelling is raised and red with a single bite mark in the middle of the swelling. They spread disease and can cause sickness.
What We Do
We thoroughly inspect the areas for flea treatment and make sure everything is safe before we start.

We use a variety of formulations around your property. We use a special dust in your roof void and also your sub floor. We also treat various areas inside your home including hard floor surfaces, carpets, rugs, sofas and under furniture. We also treat outside areas as well including patios & yards.

We use the safest pesticides available and recommend an insect growth regulator which interrupts the life cycle of the flea. These IGR’s enhance the treatment and are amongst the safest products available.
What you can do with our help and advice
Please ensure your pet is being treated for fleas. You can get formulations from the Supermarket or Vet which are safe and effective.
Your bedding needs to be washed in hot water. You will need to do the same with your pet’s bedding as well.
Thorough vacuuming of all hard floor surfaces and carpets and rugs is also important. Ensure the contents of your vacuum cleaner are double bagged before disposal.

With your help and co-operation we can ensure a flea free zone for you and your pets.