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Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections Byron BayBefore you buy a new home, it is paramount that you know what other types of creatures have moved in before you even set foot inside the house.  Left unchecked, the damage from Subterranean Termites and other timber pests can be devastating.

A Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection is for the detection of wood destroying insects, such as Borers and Subterranean Termites (White Ants). Timber pests can cause considerable damage if allowed to go unchecked and can reduce the value of a property.

Technicians carry out and report on a full and thorough inspection of all accessible areas and timbers associated with the property an accord with the Australian Stanadard 4349.3.  Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection determines the extent of damage (if any) that may be in areas that would not be viewed by a purchaser at a normal open house inspection.  High tech equipment is used to detect movement in order to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the inaccessible areas.

You are then supplied with a computer-generated report containing information on identified current and past infestations to the building. The report includes an identifiable summary on whether the property is visually sound and/or free of destructive pest, and provides details on:

  • Areas inspected
  • Construction style
  • Condition of material
  • Pest activity
  • Moisture, drainage & ventilation
  • Access issues

Where there has been damage, the report would identify its location and its visual extent. Our reports also contain information so that you as a new home owner have an understanding of how to look after your new home.

We Perform Tests (where appropriate) including:

• Sounding – Using a tapper to identify timber elements which sound hollow.
• Probing – using a probe to identify timber made soft by decay, termites, delignification or borers.
• Electronic Moisture Detecting Meter – used to identify excessive moisture created by termites or conversely, creating a condition conducive to timber pests.
• Termatrac microwave movement detection- used to identify any termite movement inside wall cavities.
• Thermal imaging – Thermal imaging is a valuable tool for detecting termite activity. In certain situations it can pick up areas of temperature abnormality and moisture, possibly caused by termite activity, not visible to the human eye.

A pre purchase pest inspection should always be carried out in conjunction with a building inspection. We work in association with Eastcoast Building Consultants & can arrange both reports if required.

We are fully accredited with Pest Inspectors Registrar.

To view a sample report click here